System-Generated is Not an Excuse

“This is Mylene from PLDT calling you to remind you of your upcoming bill on September 6—” said the caller from the unknown number before I cut her off.

Irritated, I replied with “Yes, yes, I know that. I pay on time. Why not just text me?”

“It’s just a system generated list po that I’m calling. The system just gave it to me.”

Sigh. I hung up. Huh? System generated? That’s not an excuse. That gives systems a bad rap. You could easily make it so that the system only lists subscribers who had had X overdues in the past Y months. So why don’t they? Isn’t that a waste of valuable minutes and thus, manpower? What inefficiency. They don’t care, though. Duopolies don’t need to care. Their survival isn’t at stake. This is what we tolerate, and it must change. We must change.