Flight Booking UX Battle – Cebu Pacific vs Philippine Airlines vs Air Asia

In this post I will dissect my recent experience trying (and sometimes failing) to book flights on Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines and Air Asia.

Even though I missed the place, I didn’t have any immediate plans to go to Hong Kong again since I was last there two years ago. But when I saw the lineup of speakers at Rise Conference 2016, I knew I had to go. Having booked the conference ticket, my next step was to book the flights.

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Bad UX: Jollibee


For such a high profile fastfood chain, the Jollibee website has ridiculously poor design. Am I a wholesaler? Am I maintaining a database here people? NO. I’m trying to order food. Too many options shown at the same time, excessive number of clicks to get anything done, no thought put into flow, and confusing widgets. The whole paradigm is wrong. What the heck is this, an inventory management system?