Awesome Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Language Resources to Enhance Your Learning

It’s inspiring how one person can collect and build such a great body of work at Guide to Japanese. Strangely enough, I found this blog when I was looking for a specific construction on Chinese.

Wikis are immensely useful for collecting and organizing information on languages. The Korean Wiki Project is a great example. I looked for an equivalent for Chinese but haven’t found one yet.

Professor O’s Learn Korean Videos are not only informative but also entertaining. I like the way she uses graphics and different characters to give examples of language use.

Of course my old and still my favorite podcast and resource on Chinese is Popup Chinese. I have found no other resource on Chinese that tackles topics such as space, pirates, and zombies. Their podcasts are a lot of fun, rich in content and very very memorable.

What other resources on East Asian language have been useful to you?