Let Curiosity Take Your Hand

“Mom, look, it’s a U-nicycle!” said the little girl as she tugged her hapless mother to get her attention. I saw her smile the way an 8-year old would smile if she had an infusion of sugar into her bloodstream as I sped past on my one-wheeled contraption. Weaving my way through the throng of people on Emerald avenue enjoying their Sunday leisure time, I took the opportunity to reflect.

I started unicycling last May out of curiosity. But with no private space in which to practice, those few months of learning how to ride became a public spectacle. It was embarassing and frustrating to not be able to ride even two meters before falling down. I can ride a little bit farther now.

It’s interesting to see how curiosity leads you to interesting places. It’s scary to learn something new, but the rewards give life flavor beyond measure.