How to End Procrastination

I enjoy writing, but still I procrastinate. Maybe you enjoy something too, but hesitate to even begin.

Perhaps we procrastinate because we’re afraid. In my case, I fear that once I spit those words onto the screen, I will be exposed as a fraud. Having sold myself as a capable individual, I’m terrified of being confronted by the opposite reality.

Again and again, those fears have proven false. Still, they remain, niggling away at my thoughts and pushing me to seek the comfortable world of social networks. Scrolling, scrolling, wasting away.

But there’s a better way.

I call it the experimental approach to work. I’ve noticed that when I read about a new technique I can deploy, my procrastination tends to fade away. It becomes less about me and more about testing if a method works or not. If it doesn’t, then the method is at fault. It becomes a matter of deploying and constantly refining the approach and testing hypotheses instead of becoming a constant warzone for my ego.

The fears are still there, but they’re a little bit more manageable. I hope this mindset helps you conquer yours too.