English-Hokkien Dictionary 0.2

In between studying Voice Recognition and Natural Language Processing (which are quite interesting), I’ve been slightly tweaking the Hokkien Dictionary.

Launch English-Hokkien Dictionary

0.2 Features

  • Used like matching instead of full text search for now due to some weird problems
  • Full support for single vowel, m, and n diacritics

I had fewer character encoding problems than I expected. Maybe it’ll bite me back later?

Now that the basic display issues are out of the way, the more difficult parts of actually curating the content are the next areas to explore. Time to learn how to do lexicography and original linguistic research. I only need to find some native Fookien/Hokkien/Lan-nang-oe speakers willing to help build this. No one else I know is working on a digital dictionary for the Philippine variant of Hokkien and there doesn’t seem to be much interest, but I feel that this needs to be done for this threatened language.

Some people have asked how to read the diacritic marks, so another thing that I need to do is create a guide to POJ according to Philippine Hokkien tones.