5 Reasons to Love the Kindle Paperwhite

If, like me, you like reading, the Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best devices you can ever own. I never thought I would say that. For the longest time, I was skeptical of the value of a specialized reading device. Even though I loved reading non-fiction, fiction, and long form articles, I never thought I needed a dedicated ebook reader. After all, I already had a phone with the Kindle app installed. It was only when my eyes started to feel the strain of too much screen time that I reconsidered my stance. And after buying a 2015 model and using it for a month now, I’m utterly convinced that the Kindle Paperwhite is totally the best way to read digital content. Here’s why:


1. The Screen is Really, Really Good. Really.

For such a heavy reader such as me, the Kindle’s use of e-ink was the main deciding factor. What I didn’t expect was the gorgeousness of the display and the clarity of the text. It’s really like print, and when you put it under a direct light, it shows its most beautiful self.

2. Epic Battery Life

Oh, the battery. You don’t ever think about it. Sometimes I even forget that it’s a device. It’s that good. Yeah, it gets low after about a week of heavy use but it charges full in less than 30 minutes. Plus, I’m the kind of person who always forgets to charge her phone, so the Kindle’s battery life is just a lifesaver for me. That also means I get to conserve my smartphone battery since I’m doing my reading on the Kindle.

3. Email to Kindle + Instapaper

I tend to get distracted when my curiosity runs wild and I search for articles on the internet. I especially like the long, meaty ones. But to get back to what I’m doing, I save them in Instapaper for later reading. One of Kindle’s features is that you can email documents to your Kindle email address and once you sync your device, the documents show up in your library.

What makes the combination of Instapaper and Kindle so bombastic is that Instapaper supports automatic delivery to your Kindle account so that you can get a digest of the articles you’ve saved in Instapaper in your Kindle library. It’s phenomenal!

4. Light and Durable

The Paperwhite feels light in the hands. Since I never owned any previous Kindle to compare with, I don’t know how different it is, but it definitely is a lot lighter than most tablets, especially the iPad. I’ve also dropped it three times with no damage at all. The screen isn’t made of glass so there’s nothing much to break. If you’re a klutz like me, then you don’t have to worry about dropping your Kindle and breaking it.

5. The Bottomlight

The Paperwhite doesn’t have a backlight; instead, it’s lit by four LEDs from the bottom, giving it a nice gentle glow that’s truly easy on the eyes, unlike the harsh light of a typical smartphone. But you only need to turn these on when it’s dark. Otherwise, keep it off to save the battery life.

A Reader’s Companion

Many readers still have a preference for physical books, but for those who have gone digital, the Kindle Paperwhite offers the best kind of digital reading experience you can ever have. If you are considering getting one, get one. It’s totally worth it.